What Do You Feed Baby Guinea Pigs?


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Newborn guinea pigs nurse like all mammals, but even at very young ages they should be started on hay and pellets as soon as they are capable of eating on their own. Young guineas should be given hay without a high calcium or caloric content so that they can graze at a constant pace without owners having to worry about them overeating.

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Timothy hay and orchard grass, also known as mixed grass, are good constant food sources for young guinea pigs. They are low in calories and do not contain much calcium, unlike alfalfa which is commonly marketed as feed for guinea pigs and other rodents.

Guinea pigs age 6 months or older should have rations of pellets sharply monitored to prevent overeating. For those less than 6 months of age, however, pellets should be provided on an unlimited basis so that they can strengthen their chewing skills and get the nutrients they need to grow to adult size.

Guinea pigs need access to fresh vegetables in order to get the full range of nutrients and minerals they require. These vegetables should be non-repeating daily courses, three in number, with at least one a leafy green like lettuce or spinach. Fruit should be provided very sparingly.

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