How Do You Feed an American Goldfinch Baby Bird?

Feed an American Goldfinch bird small seeds or broken nuts every 20 minutes. Do not force the bird to drink water. American Goldfinch are almost exclusively vegetarians. However, keeping and feeding baby birds is illegal in most parts of the United States. The best option is to return the baby to the wild.

  1. Check if the American Goldfinch is a fledgling or a nestling

    Most American Goldfinch babies found alone are fledglings that have not yet perfected their ability to fly. Others are nestlings that have fallen out. Try placing the baby bird on a small stick or fork. If the bird grips the stick, then it is a fledgling.

  2. Consider returning the baby American Goldfinch

    The best option is to return the baby American Goldfinch to the wild. Most of the time, human care is not sufficient for a bird to survive, even with the proper diet. Return to where the bird was found and, if a nestling, return to a nest or a small basket. If a fledgling, simply place the baby bird on a branch.

  3. Take the baby bird to a wildlife rescue

    If it is not possible to return the baby American Goldfinch to the wild then consider taking it to a nearby wildlife rescue or wildlife veterinarian. Both have listings in local phone books. This is the best way to ensure that the goldfinch survives.