What Are the Features of Ring-Tailed Lemurs?


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Features of a ring-tailed lemur include a black and white striped tail and gray fur on the majority of its body except for white ears, face and belly. The ring-tailed lemur has black fur around its eyes and on its nose. Spur-shaped fingernails and a dental comb also characterize this primate.

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The ring-tailed lemur is unique to Madagascar, an island off the east coast of Africa. Although this lemur is considered a primate, its long, striped tail is not prehensile, meaning that it can't be used as another hand to grip branches. Despite this, the lemur has other characteristics to help it survive such as scent glands. Both males and females have anogenital scent glands, while the males have scent glands on their chests and wrists. These glands are generally dark colored or black.

The ring-tailed lemur has a dental comb on its lower jaw, thin teeth that resemble a comb and help it to groom itself. It has spur-shaped fingernails that help it to grip tree limbs as it climbs. Despite being a primate, the lemur doesn't spend the majority of its time in the trees, but it runs along the ground when looking for fallen fruit. It also feeds on flowers, leaves and tree bark.

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