What Are Some Features of Mink Tracks?

Mink tracks are characterized by size and web marks between the toes and pads. A mink track is roughly 1 3/8 inch wide by 1 1/4 inch long, according to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

The main features of the front and hind tracks are five indentations for the toes and an indentation for the pad. The mink has slightly webbed feet, which can be seen in light indentations between the toes and pads. The toe tracks are pointed on the ends because of the mink's claws. Mink tracks are often found on frozen marshes and along stream banks.

The mink is a common water mammal that lives throughout much of North America. It spends much of its time in water swimming or hunting for prey. Not only does it have slightly webbed feed to aid it in swimming, but it also has a thick coat that protects it from the cold water. The top layer of its fur is soft, under which is a layer of thick, oily hairs that acts as a waterproof coat.

Mink have been and still are hunted for their thick coats, as of 2014. Despite this, the population remains healthy because trapping is carefully regulated and requires licensing. Other than man, the only other predator of the mink is the otter.