What Are Some Features of Bluetick Beagles?


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A bluetick beagle is a color variation on the standard beagle. Ticking refers to small spots or freckles in the areas that would be white on a normal beagle, such as the legs and chest, with the rest of the dog the usual black and tan. If the ticking is black, gray, or bluish, the beagle is considered blue-ticked, and if brown or cinnamon, it is red-ticked. Bluetick beagles often resemble a small bluetick coonhound.

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Mottling may look similar to ticking, but mottled beagles show markings on the pads of their feet as pups that ticked beagles do not. They may also have a brownish-gray or "butterfly" nose that is light in the middle and dark on the sides instead of black. Beagle bloodlines bred for show tend to favor white markings, while hunting bloodlines are more likely to be ticked.

Bluetick beagles shed a great deal and require frequent brushing. They also tend to have dry, sensitive skin, so avoid bathing them too frequently. Take care to keep the beagle's ears clean, however, as the drooping ears of hound dogs are more prone to ear infections than upright, open ears. Bluetick beagles share the same temperament and hunting instincts of all other beagles.

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