How Fast Can a Monkey Run?

A Patas monkey, which is one of the fastest primates on Earth, can run up to approximately 34 miles per hour, according to the University of Wisconsin. These monkeys are able to achieve these high speeds by running on all four limbs, as opposed to other species of monkeys who run using only two feet.

There are typically four ways in which different species of monkeys are able to move, including quadrupedal running, bipedal running, climbing and swimming. Because there are so many different types of monkeys, they have all developed different ways to defend themselves and run away from danger. The species guenons, for example, do not run but instead leap through dense forests as fast as a human can run. Furthermore, arboreal monkeys that spend most of their lives in the tree tops are able to jump from tree to tree and swing using their long arms. Neither of these species spend much time in the open, which means that they do not run much or very fast.

The Patas monkey, however, has developed a way of running extremely fast across the open ground. Patas monkeys can run up to 55 kilometers per hour, which is a little over 34 miles per hour.