How Fast Do Bed Bugs Spread From Room to Room in a House?

There is no single speed at which bed bugs travel from room to room within a house because every infestation is different. Bed bugs travel as fast as ants when they crawl through walls or pipes. Bed bugs also commonly infest other rooms after hiding in various items.

Bed bugs can infest another room in the home by hiding in wall cracks and crevices, finding their way inside an adjacent room through a connected wall. They also use a home's pipe system as a passageway to various rooms. However, many bed bugs simply hide in common items found in a home and hitch a ride to another room when the item is carried there. In addition to mattresses, some common bed bug hiding places are couches, chairs, backpacks and hampers. Sometimes bed bugs hide in items such as computers, lamps and televisions. When these items are brought into another room, the tiny bugs come out and begin another infestation in the home.

Additional room infestation by bed bugs can be avoided by taking precautions. Any items in the home infested with bed bugs should be handled by wrapping them in a plastic bag, taking them immediately outside or throwing them in the washer right away.