How Do You Find Farm Animals for Sale?


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An easy way to find farm animals for sale is to visit your local livestock auction. If you have a specific breed or type in mind, try looking for classified advertisements placed with breed organizations or in magazines catering to that type of animal, or ask at your local feed store or farmer's cooperative to recommend farmers with good breeding programs.

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If you intend to keep farm animals as pets, consider looking into farm rescues. These groups take livestock out of situations where they are being abused or neglected and place them in new homes. Most do not allow breeding or slaughtering of the animals. These animals may also be of varying ages and quality.

Horses are more complicated if you plan to ride or drive them. You can find advertisements for horses through classified advertisements or word of mouth. Most inexperienced people should avoid buying a horse at auction since auction buyers cannot ride the horse or have it evaluated by a veterinarian before purchase. Horse rescues are also a good choice.

In addition to in-person livestock auctions, some animals are purchased from video or Internet-based sales. These allow buyers to bid from a remote distance and may handle some transportation arrangements. It may be more difficult for inexperienced buyers to evaluate the animals over video.

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