To What Family of Animals Does a Groundhog Belong?

The groundhog belongs to the family Sciuridae and is also known as a woodchuck. Family Sciuridae includes squirrel-like creatures such as the prairie dog and tree squirrel. This family is mostly herbivorous, and its members munch on seeds, fruits and nuts.

Family Sciuridae consists of rodents. These rodents can live by themselves, like the groundhogs, or in communities, like the prairie dogs. Groundhogs are large rodents that tend to live in open fields, woods and gardens. They can reach lengths of up to 32 inches and weights of up to 14 pounds. Although they are mainly herbivores, groundhogs also consume an occasional insect, baby bird or egg. In the winter, these rodents hibernate; their breathing slows to one breath a minute while their hearts slow to only four beats a minute.