What Are Some Extinct Mammals?


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Some extinct mammals include the Javan tiger, Tasmanian tiger, Barbary lion, west African black rhinoceros and quagga. Some mammals such as the koala lemur, woolly rhinoceros, dire wolf, ground sloths and saber-tooth tigers have been extinct for thousands of years.

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Up until the Javan tiger officially went extinct in 2003, although the last individuals were seen in the 1970s, it lived on Java, a Malaysian island. One of the smallest of the tiger family, this species only grew up to 300 pounds. Habitat loss and hunting caused its extinction.

The Barbary lion, which went extinct in 1927, lived in North Africa. Unlike its cousins, it didn't live in prides but in small groups or pairs, and it was nomadic, meaning that it traveled around its territory. This species was characterized by its extra long and thick mane.

The quagga, a species of zebra, roamed throughout South Africa before becoming extinct in 1883. Unlike other species, this zebra was only striped along its head, neck and withers, and had a brownish hide with white or cream-colored legs. Scientists are attempting to bring back the quagga, a subspecies of the plains zebra, through DNA. The Tasmanian tiger, a striped marsupial, lived in Australia until its extinction in 1936.

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