What Are Some Exotic Shorthair Kittens?


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Exotic shorthair kittens are simply the shorthaired version of the Persian cat. While not recognized by the Cat Fanciers' Association, shorthair kittens have also been bred from Russian Blue and Burmese cats.

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Exotic shorthair kittens possess the very distinct features of all Persian cats, minus the long hair. Their heads are large and oval-shaped, and they have a short muzzle and what is best described as a pancake face. Their eyes are small and wide-set, while their ears are small with rounded tips. The neck of an exotic shorthair is short and wide, while its body is ideally medium-sized. Their paws are large and rounded with thick hair jetting between the toes, and their tails are short and sit lower than a normal cat's tail.

Exotic shorthair kittens are relatively low maintenance when compared to their Persian ancestors. They require brushing at least one a week to control shedding and reduce the occurrence of hairballs, but for the most part, exotic shorthairs are able to efficiently groom themselves. Because of their flat face, they are prone to tear staining. Prevent this by wiping the face with a moist cloth. While exotic shorthairs are generally healthy, they are prone to feline polycystic kidney disease, as it is part of their Persian genetics. Since feline polycystic kidney disease can cause kidney failure, veterinarians recommend DNA testing for any exotic shorthair used for breeding, to obtain evidence of genetic predisposition.

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