What Are Some Exotic Animals You Can Legally Buy?


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Legal exotic animals include sugar gliders, tarantulas and hedgehogs, according to The Richest. Some states ban the ownership of exotic animals, including Vermont, New Hampshire and California, so people considering purchasing an exotic animal should first check local regulations

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The capybara is another exotic animal that people can purchase legally. Animal Planet describes the capybara as the largest rodent in the world, reaching 4 feet long and 100 pounds at maturity. Capybaras are never fully domesticated, so potential owners should handle capybaras when they are young to establish a relationship. The rodents eat grass and need a place to swim.

The serval is another legal exotic animal, states The Richest. The serval weighs 40 pounds and stands 3 feet tall at maturity and can live up to 19 years. The cat comes from central and southern Africa and is the fastest feline after the cheetah. It is a predator, but some people in the United States successfully live with the cat as a pet if raised from a baby.

People can also legally own a wallaby. Animal Planet warns potential owners that the wallaby needs lots of open space and fencing at least 5 feet tall because it can escape from typical suburban privacy fences. The wallaby eats grass, leaves and fruit and is a social animal, so owners should have a pair.

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