What are some examples of unusual pet names?


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���Nutmeg Spice,��� ���Sixpack,��� ���Cotton Ball��� and ���Big Foot��� are some uncommon pet names for both cats and dogs. Names such as ���Cowboy,��� ���Hissy Fit��� or ���Zelda��� are general enough to be used for other pets such as hamsters, birds or goldfish. ���Sophistikitty��� is a cute name for cats, while ���Parker the Barker��� is an ideal name for a lively dog.

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Some people like naming their pets after famous people or well-known historical characters. Some pet name ideas inspired by famous singers or celebrities include ���Smiley Cyrus,��� ���Leonardo Dicatprio��� and ���Lady Madonna.��� Names inspired by historical figures are quite unusual and can give an air of sophistication to a pet. These include titles such as "Spartacus," "King Lear," "Romeo" and "Abraham Lincoln."

Food-inspired names are also unusual and can often be quite amusing. ���Marmalade,��� ���Cinnamon��� or ���Whiskey��� are ideal names for cute kittens, especially if their coat colors are orange or light brown. ���Dark chocolate��� is perfect for any pet with dark fur. Names taken from desserts or types of candy, such as ���Cheesecake,��� ���Candyfloss��� or ���Mr. Pudding,��� associate pet with the idea of sweetness and comfort. Some unusual names to consider if a pet is particularly cuddly include "Fluffer," "Smoochie" and "Mr. Hugs."

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