What Are Some Examples of Unusual Pet Names?


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“Nutmeg Spice,” “Sixpack,” “Cotton Ball” and “Big Foot” are some uncommon pet names for both cats and dogs. Names such as “Cowboy,” “Hissy Fit” or “Zelda” are general enough to be used for other pets such as hamsters, birds or goldfish. “Sophistikitty” is a cute name for cats, while “Parker the Barker” is an ideal name for a lively dog.

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Some people like naming their pets after famous people or well-known historical characters. Some pet name ideas inspired by famous singers or celebrities include “Smiley Cyrus,” “Leonardo Dicatprio” and “Lady Madonna.” Names inspired by historical figures are quite unusual and can give an air of sophistication to a pet. These include titles such as "Spartacus," "King Lear," "Romeo" and "Abraham Lincoln."

Food-inspired names are also unusual and can often be quite amusing. “Marmalade,” “Cinnamon” or “Whiskey” are ideal names for cute kittens, especially if their coat colors are orange or light brown. “Dark chocolate” is perfect for any pet with dark fur. Names taken from desserts or types of candy, such as “Cheesecake,” “Candyfloss” or “Mr. Pudding,” associate pet with the idea of sweetness and comfort. Some unusual names to consider if a pet is particularly cuddly include "Fluffer," "Smoochie" and "Mr. Hugs."

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