What Are Examples of Sphynx Cat Clothes?


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Sphynx cats are hairless, so many owners dress them in sweaters or coats for added warmth and protection. Turtleneck sweaters are especially common, ranging in style from monochromatic to patterned.

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What Are Examples of Sphynx Cat Clothes?
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During the winter, Sphynx cats often get dressed in polar fleece. These items usually get pulled over the head and front legs, leaving the hindquarters, head and bottom of the front legs exposed. Polar fleece clothes can be simple or elaborately decorated with embroidery or sequins.

T-shirts are another common clothing option for Sphynx cats. These also are pulled over the head. They typically display a pattern, graphic or wording.

Some owners don't pull clothing over the Sphynx cat's head. Instead they choose options that fasten around the neck and belly with Velcro or snaps. This clothing can be as heavy as coats or polar fleece or as light as T-shirts. Scarves, vests and wide harnesses are other options in this category.

Some Sphynx cat clothing can be elaborate. The Sphynx Boutique makes thematic T-shirts and sweatshirts. However, the cat coats and dresses are truly distinctive. The cat coats can include ruffs, bows, furred cuffs and accent jewels. The dresses come smocked with bows or feature accents such as tutus.

Some owners put their Sphynx cats in costumes that make them resemble people, babies, movie characters, fruit, vegetables, monsters or other animals, particularly bats and snakes.

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