What Are Some Examples of Pterodactyl Sightings?


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Flying reptiles such as pterosaurs (also known as the pterodactyl) have not lived since the end of the Cretaceous period, around 65 million years ago. Modern humans have existed for approximately 200,000 years, meaning that no examples of human-pterosaur interaction have ever taken place. The thunderbird is a hypothesized cryptid supposedly seen in North America.

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Pterosaurs are believed to be the first vertebrates to develop adaptations for flight, including hollow bones, wings and an enlarged brain. The earliest pterosaurs lived in the late Triassic period. Although commonly designated as dinosaurs, these flying reptiles are only relatives of dinosaurs. The largest pterosaur was Quetzalcoatlus, which had a wingspan of up to 40 feet and could weigh 300 pounds.

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