What Are Examples of Ferret Breeds?


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There are only two main breeds of ferrets. The first is the black-footed ferret, which lives in the wild and is commonly referred to as the American polecat. The second breed is the domestic ferret. These ferrets come in a wide range of colors with different patterns that give each of them a unique look, although in reality they are all the same breed.

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What Are Examples of Ferret Breeds?
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The black-footed ferret is very rare. This ferret has black feet, a cream colored belly and a brown coat of fur. Sadly, they are near extinction, but efforts are being made to reintroduce them into the wild. The second breed, the domestic ferret, is also known as Mustela Putorius. These ferrets are the common house pets seen in pet shops. They range in color from black to champagne. The wide array of different colors is a result of breeding practices and human experimentation. Both central breeds originated from the European polecat. Whether they live in the wild or within a home, the two types of ferret are around the same size. They have the same strength and nearly all the same instincts. The black-footed ferret has more survival instincts as it has always lived in the wild, but the two breeds are very similar.

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