What Are Some Examples of Dog Names That Sound Powerful?

What Are Some Examples of Dog Names That Sound Powerful?

Find a powerful-sounding name for your dog by searching through names of warriors, gods and goddesses, heroes or royalty. Zeus, Thor, Rocky or Rambo are powerful names for male dogs. For female dogs, try Hera, Athena, Pocahontas or Duchess.

Names of mythological deities are popular choices for dogs. Athena was the Greek goddess of war. Zeus waged war with lightning bolts and was the father of the famous Greek hero Hercules. Thor had a powerful hammer that only he could wield.

Powerful fictional character names work for dogs too. Godfather, Maverick, Neo or Trinity are good choices. Star Wars fans might like Yoda, Leia, Luke, Vader or Obi-Wan. Superhero names also make powerful dog names. Wolverine, Storm, Rogue or Mystique of X-Men fame are strong names as well.

Names of strong or powerful objects are also good dog names, such as Tank, Diesel, Stone, Diamond or Fang. A powerful title is a powerful name, so try Duke, Queen, Admiral, Captain or Princess.

Some brand names powerful message, such as Harley, Ford, Remington, Winchester and Beretta. Names that denote wealth also fall under this category. Try Tiffany, Armani, Bentley, Ferrari or Dior. MyDogsName.com provides a list of powerful dog names, as well as suggestions for other types of names.