What Are Some Examples of Cute Cat Names?


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Veterinary Pet Insurance lists Bella, Max, Chloe, Oliver and Lucy as some of the most popular cat names of 2014. Other preferred names include Charlie, Lily, Sophie, Tiger and Shadow. VPI collects and releases its customers’ most popular cat names each year.

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What Are Some Examples of Cute Cat Names?
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Bow Wow Meow, an Australian company, lists Bella, Molly, Coco, Sophie and Lily as some of the most favored cat names of 2014. Additional choices are Max, Charlie, Oscar, Simba and Tiger. The Bow Wow Meow list also includes Missy, Kitty, Cleo, Misty and Milo, as well as Leo, Jasper, Tigger, Frankie and George. Bow Wow Meow creates and sells pet tags, and then collects pet names from customer orders and compiles lists of the most popular pet names each year.

When choosing a name for a cat, it helps to pick one that is easy to say. A cat name with one or two syllables is more easily recognizable by a pet than a longer name. Cats respond well to the long “e” vowel, particularly the long "e" ending such as in Chloe or Charlie. Some people use names from past pets or beloved humans, while others peruse baby names when choosing a name for a cat.

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