What Are Some Examples of Big Australian Spiders?


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Some examples of big Australian spiders are the huntsman spider, the barking spider and the trap door spider. All of these spiders can be 30 millimeters in length or longer.

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The huntsman spider can grow up to 45 millimeters. It is a type of crab spider, named for the way it holds its legs. The huntsman often lives in a crevice where it hides during the day. It comes out in the evening to hunt. The female carries her egg sac in her jaws.

The trap door spider creates a long, tubular, silk-lined burrow. It makes a trap door by biting around the opening of the burrow, leaving a hinge in the lid. The lid is then camouflaged with debris and shut tightly. When the spider feels the vibration of prey over the lid, it grabs it and drags it down into the burrow. Female trap door spiders rarely leave their burrows unless to capture prey, while male spiders wander, looking for mates.

The barking spider can have a leg span of over 9 inches. It is such a large spider that it can capture and eat birds. It gets one of its names because it either hisses or whistles when it is threatened.

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