What Is an Example of Typical Rabbit Behavior?


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Rabbits are social and intelligent animals who like humans and make good pets, but they require constant stimulation. Otherwise, they might tear up carpets and chew the furniture out of boredom. Rabbits develop new characteristics based on their environment. In the wild, they move cautiously to avoid foxes and other predators. In the home, they display impish behavior, running around the house and climbing on things.

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Rabbits are best known for their long ears and acute hearing. They also have large eyes positioned on either side of their head, giving them a wide field of vision, and strong hind leg muscles designed for speed. This combination of traits is helpful in avoiding predators.

Rabbits communicate using body language. When they sense danger, they begin their foot thumping habit. When feeling happy, they like to play and are particularly fond of rolling objects or chew toys. Their natural instincts toward predator avoidance makes them leery of strangers, so a domesticated rabbit may begin to act aggressively if he or she is uncomfortable regarding a new person in the house. Rabbits primarily eat grass, which is low in nutrients. They often eat their own feces to help digest grass and extract its nutrients.

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