What Exactly Are Rescue Birds for Adoption?


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Rescue birds are typically pet birds that have ended up in animal rescue and have been deemed healthy and safe enough to adopt to a new owner. They are often exotic birds, such as parrots, but some livestock, such as chickens, are also usually available.

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Adoptable rescue birds are usually not wild birds. Wild bird rescues typically focus on rehabilitating injured birds and releasing them back into the wild. Birds that cannot be released usually live their lives at the shelter, or they may go to zoos or other long-term housing facilities.

Adoptable rescue birds arrive in rescue for a variety of reasons. Some are seized from abusive situations. Others are rescued from owners who are unable to handle the noise, mess or behavior of the bird. Some birds, such as the Amazon parrot, can live for about 50 years. These birds sometimes outlive their first owners and have no one left to care for them.

Rescue birds may have health or behavioral problems, but many are well-adjusted and healthy. Rescuing a bird is an ethical way to get a new pet bird, since some exotic birds come from unethical breeders or were trapped in the wild. Good rescues also provide support and resources for new owners so that they can learn to care for their new pet correctly.

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