How Do I Euthanize My Own Cat?

No veterinary professional recommends that a pet owner euthanize their own cat or dog, according to Pet MD. Not only should it not be attempted, but there may be legal repercussions involved. The biggest problems arise when untrained individuals attempt to utilize unproven or ill-informed euthanasia techniques. Worse, if the animal does not expire, the owner may face criminal charges of animal cruelty.

Euthanizing an animal should not be viewed as a do-it-yourself venture. According to In Home Pet Euthanasia, there are in-home euthanasia options available in most states. In cases of severe injury or illness, many veterinary practices waive the charge for both the service itself and the house-call if financial hardships exist.

Too often, pet owners believe that they can simply feed their cat or dog a handful of prescription medication and achieve the desired results. Unfortunately, as Pet MD points out, without a veterinary background, this can not only create a legal nightmare but can make the entire situation much worse. Instead of allowing the pet to quietly pass away, the attempt can make them fearful or anxious, upsetting them and the people involved. If it seems like euthanasia is the only answer, contacting a local veterinarian is the best course. It is also advisable that local or county statutes be consulted regarding home burials of euthanized pets in order to confirm what options are available for dealing with the remains.