What Equipment Do You Need for a Bearded Dragon Setup?


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To create a bearded dragon habitat, keepers need a suitable cage, heat lamps, full-spectrum lighting fixtures, bulbs, some type of substrate, a water dish, a feeding dish and something for the lizard to climb, such as a branch or rock. It's best to acquire a digital thermometer to monitor the temperature in the habitat and a digital scale to track the lizard’s growth.

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What Equipment Do You Need for a Bearded Dragon Setup?
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While young bearded dragons can survive in relatively small habitats, such as 20-gallon aquariums, adults require about 8 square feet of floor space. Those who decide to keep more than one bearded dragon in the same cage must purchase even larger aquariums. Aquariums require screened tops so that the lizard cannot escape.

Place the full-spectrum lights all the way across the top of the cage, but place the heat lamp at one end of the cage. This allows the lizard to move about the cage to heat up or cool off as necessary. Place the climbing perch directly under the basking light.

It's possible to use a variety of substrates for bearded dragons, but newspaper, sand and mulch are the best options. Place the food and water dish at the cool end of the cage to avoid drying out the food or causing the water dish to evaporate.

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