Do English Coonhounds Live Well in an Apartment?


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English Coonhounds do not do well in apartments. They have a very high energy level and a high prey drive that makes them incompatible with apartment life or houses without fenced yards.

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Because the breed is such an active animal, many people find they make excellent jogging or biking partners. They also enjoy long, brisk walks. If a family has children, another way to ensure that the breed gets the exercise it needs is to go out in the yard and play a long game of fetch. Many owners also find that the breed does very well in competitive canine sports, such as field trials, tracking and obedience. Hunters also enjoy the breed's lineage as a hunting dog and find that this breed works very well for them, being very loyal and willing to do work.

If this breed does not get the exercise it needs, many owners find that they become depressed, bored or frustrated. Those feeling may sometimes lead to them becoming especially destructive or hyperactive, so it is very important that the dog gets all the exercise it needs. However, when supplied with enough exercise, the breed is very friendly and eager to please. They also do well with children, especially with older, more considerate children. However, they often do well with smaller children as well.

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