What Are the Enemies of Spider Monkeys?

enemies-spider-monkeys Credit: Stephen Chiang/Photodisc/Getty Images

According to the University of Michigan, the enemies, or predators, of spider monkeys are jaguars, pumas, ocelots, margays and harpy eagles. The biggest threat to this animal, however, is humans.

Some people hunt spider monkeys for food, but the biggest threat from humans is habitat loss due to deforestation. Spider monkeys live primarily in mature rain forest, and humans destroy 35,000 acres per day, limiting spider monkeys' range.

Spider monkeys are native to South America, living primarily in Mexico, Brazil, Panama and Ecuador. They are also found in smaller numbers in Peru and Bolivia. They thrive in densely forested areas far from human habitation and running water. They spend the majority of their lives, almost 90 percent, in the treetops. Their curved hands and prehensile tails make them excellent tree-swingers.

Spider monkeys have long black hair, long limbs and small heads. Males are a little larger than females, though both genders have an average body weight of almost 20 pounds. They have a long reproductive cycle. It takes four years for a spider monkey to reach sexual maturity, and they only mate once every four years. After the seven-month gestation period, young stay with their mothers for a year and a half.