What Are the Enemies of Crabs?

Animals such as various shore birds, seals and raccoons are enemies to crabs because they like to eat them. Other animals that eat crabs and are considered enemies are vultures, eagles, otters, tortoises and even other larger crabs.

Birds are enemies to crabs because they prey on them. Huge hawks and wild bald eagles are among a few of the birds that make a meal of crabs.They grab crabs and take them high into the air, dropping them onto a hard surface such as a boulder, in order to break the crab's shell and get to the meat. Crabs have a soft shell, making them easy prey to many of their enemies. Some fish of the sea with powerful shell crunching jaws, such as sharks and striped bass, are natural enemies to crab, relying on crab as their sole source of nourishment. Eels also prey on crab, making them a large part of their diet. Crabs in their larvae state have enemies as well. Plankton and other sea plants feed on the baby crab larvae. Another major enemy of the crab is humans. Humans hunt crabs for their meat. Crab meat is considered a delicacy as well as a complement to a meal.