Who Are the Enemies of Bats?

enemies-bats Credit: shellac/CC-BY 2.0

Bats are commonly preyed upon by other nocturnal animals such as owls and hawks who can fly silently undetected and capture them while still in flight. Snakes are also another well-camouflaged predator of fruit-eating bats.

Bats may be particularly vulnerable to snakes when they are roosting in bat houses that are accessible. Snakes are skilled climbers with the ability to lie in wait at the opening of bat caves. Weasels, raccoons, mink and even some tarantulas are opportunistic hunters that also find bats to be a tasty meal.

However, man is the biggest threat to bats. Trapping, human encroachment and the resultant destruction of habitat has taken a toll. In some countries where bats are considered a viable food source, hunting poses a serious threat to bat populations.