What Are the Enemies of the Arctic Fox?

enemies-arctic-fox Credit: Don Henise/CC-BY 2.0

Enemies of the arctic fox include polar bears, wolves and eagles, which see the fox as a handy meal. Humans are also enemies to the fox, hunting them for their beautiful snowy white hides.

Wolves and golden eagles are dangerous to the arctic fox. These animals dig up the fox's den in order to find and feed on a litter of young pups, which are especially vulnerable to predators. While the polar bear often poses a threat to the arctic fox, the fox sometimes uses it and other predators to get a free meal. It waits for the polar bear to hunt down and feed on its prey. After the polar bear has eaten its fill, the arctic fox feeds on what remains.

The arctic fox grows a white coat during the winter to protect it from predators as well as make it invisible to its prey. It feeds on a wide range of food. Although lemmings are its preferred meal, it eats voles, insects, eggs and even berries and vegetables.

Other enemies of the arctic fox include ear ticks. These parasites cause mange and, as a result, can decimate a population. This once happened in Russia, leaving only 90 foxes living.