What Endangered Species Are in the Ocean Biome?

endangered-species-ocean-biome Credit: M Swiet Productions/Moment/Getty Images

There are numerous endangered species in the ocean, many of which are whales and turtles. Some notable examples are the blue whale, sperm whale, Kemp's ridley turtle and hawksbill turtle. There are also some plants listed as endangered ocean species.

A species is considered endangered if, in the foreseeable future, it could become extinct, according to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Globally, there are over 2,000 endangered species in the oceans, including fish, plants, turtles, mammals and invertebrates, as stated by NOAA fisheries. Some endangered fish include bluefin tuna and beluga sturgeon, both of which have been fished to endangered status by humans.

Sea lions, seals and manatees are some other well known endangered ocean species. Seals and manatees are often accidental deaths due to propellers and accidentally getting caught in fish nets, according to Marine Insight.

While education and sustainable fishing practices help bring these endangered species back to the waters, the most aid and conservation efforts come from new laws put into place that enforce proper habits. Laws, such as the National Environmental Policy Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, and Endangered Species Act listed by Oceana, have been put in place to ensure these species have protection against dangerous practices.