How Do You Eliminate a Nuisance Groundhog?


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To eliminate a nuisance groundhog, make your yard unattractive, watch the groundhog's patterns, set a trap, and camouflage it the trap to capture the groundhog. Once it's caught, relocate it at least 5 miles away.

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  1. Get rid of items that attract groundhogs

    Eliminate food and shelter sources for the groundhog. If you have a garden, harvest it as quickly as possible, and trim back other plants. Get rid of piles of wood or other debris as well as old tree trunks. Fill in old burrows with gravel.

  2. Track the groundhog

    Observe damaged crops, grasses and clover for the groundhog's food source. Look for gnawed wood, electrical wiring or tubing. Search for the groundhog's burrow by watching for the entrances.

  3. Check the local laws for trapping

    Since some states have strict laws for trapping wild animals, check the regulations for your locality.

  4. Set a live trap

    While wearing gloves so the trap doesn't smell like you, place a live trap in the area where you saw the groundhog. Place a flat rock or brick on top of the trap to prevent it from rolling. Never set a lethal trap in an area where a domestic animal or child can reach.

  5. Bait the trap

    Select a ripe cantaloupe, and cut it into small pieces. Place some cantaloupe outside the trap entrance. Place a lot of cantaloupe on the far side of the trigger plate. Set the trap.

  6. Camouflage the trap

    Place leaves inside and outside the trap.

  7. Relocate the groundhog

    Check the trap regularly. Once the groundhog is trapped, put on a pair of heavy gloves, and cover the trap with a tarp. Take the groundhog at least 5 miles away. Open the trap, and stand back as the animal exits.

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