How Do You Eliminate Dog Body Odor?


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Eliminate body odor on a dog through regular baths, brushing the dog’s coat and using a pet shampoo. Schedule a veterinary visit to diagnose medical causes of the odor, and follow the recommended treatment plan, according to Good Hope Animal Hospital.

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Get rid of rancid smell caused by bacterial infections using antibiotics such as ampicillin, clindamycin and clavulanic acid. Use medicated shampoos to eliminate coat-related odor and conditioners containing benzoyl peroxide on infected parts. Ensure the shampoo is effective by allowing 15 minutes contact time. Continue with the therapy for up to four weeks after the infection clears to minimize the risk of reinfection, recommends PetPlace. In case the dog keeps relapsing, a visit to the vet helps determine the root cause and reduces drug resistance.

A spray-on dog deodorizer comes in handy, although it offers temporary relief from the body odor. Add olive oil to the dog’s food to address skin dryness, and regularly brush the dog’s coat to get rid of loose hair and take care of the undercoat to prevent body odor. While bathing the dog, carefully clean parts such as the ears, feet and anal area, which are a common cause of foul body odor, says Good Hope Animal Hospital.

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