What Are Some Facts About Elephant Seals?


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Two types of elephant seals exist in the world. One is the northern elephant seal, found in the Northern Hemisphere and often along the coast of California. The other is the southern elephant seal, typically living in the cold Antarctic waters.

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What Are Some Facts About Elephant Seals?
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The elephant seal is the largest type of seal. It can weigh as much as 8,000 pounds and can be 10 to 20 feet long. This seal gets its name because of its large proboscis, or nose, which resembles the end of an elephant's trunk. Males use this proboscis to make loud roaring noises during mating season.

Elephant seals can spend long periods of time at sea and dive down to 5,000 feet while they forage for food. They eat fish, squid, octopus, eels and sometimes small sharks. Elephant seals have a thick layer of skin and fur, as well as a thick layer of blubber under the skin, to keep them warm in the cold water.

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