What Do Elephant Fish Eat?


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Elephant nose fish prefer a carnivorous diet of blood worms and brine shrimp. They also eat chopped earthworms, flake, frozen meat-based foods and pellets when in an aquarium. This type of fish has a long trunk-like "nose" that is actually an extension of the mouth that the fish uses to move through water, defend itself, communicate and search for food.

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What Do Elephant Fish Eat?
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The mouth extension on an elephant nose fish has an organ that emits weak electrical impulses that it uses to find food. Elephant nose fish prefer a lower light setting where their eyesight can be used. When kept in an aquarium, there must be plenty of hiding places where the fish can escape from excess light. They are timid and reclusive unless housed with fish of similar or smaller size that they might feel the need to defend themselves against. Elephant fish should be kept in an aquarium of at least 50 gallons with consistently good water conditions. In an aquarium, they respond well to other peaceful fish of a larger size. Elephant nose fish are typically black in color and are native to the Niger River in West Africa and its tributaries. These fish are a part of the mormyridae family.

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