What Are Egg-Laying Budgies?


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Egg-laying budgies are female budgerigars. These small, colorful birds are also called parakeets and kept as pets. Wild female budgerigars, or budgies, lay five to six eggs in holes in trees. They don't build their own nests.

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A pet budgie needs a nest box in which to lay eggs and raise its chicks. Budgies can breed at any time of year, especially when food is abundant. The eggs are usually pure white and a little over three quarters of an inch long. They are laid on alternate days. Because of this, the time between the first chick hatching and the last chick hatching can be as long as 16 days.

The eggs are incubated for about a week and a half and the chicks start to grow their flight feathers after about a month. Often, the female doesn't allow the male to enter the nest box, but takes food from him at its entrance.

As with chickens, female budgies can lay eggs even when she has no mate, but the eggs remain unfertilized.

Wild budgies are native to Australia and are always green and yellow. Budgies that are raised for the pet trade come in a variety of colors and are usually bigger than wild budgies.

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