What Are Some Effective Wasp Traps?

Effective wasp baits and traps include meat such as hamburger and sugar such as sodas and fruit juices. During the spring months, wasps search for foods high in protein to feed their grubs. Foods such as hamburger meat can attract them.

Set traps in the beginning of spring, because the earliest wasps are usually queens that can produce several thousand wasps later in the season. Sugar in the form of diluted jelly is an effective lure, because wasps detect and are drawn to its scent. It should be offered as two parts of water to one part jelly.

To make a simple water trap, cut the top from a 2-liter bottle just above the shoulder. Discard the screw top, and fill the bottle halfway with water. Coat the cut neck opening with the jelly mixture, and invert and tape it back into the bottle in an upside-down position. Wasps are attracted to the scent and follow the neck down to reach the jelly. Most won’t be able to get out and fall into the water. To avoid drawing beneficial honey bees, apply vinegar around the neck opening. The bees are repelled by the odor.