What Are Some Effective Termite Control Products?


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Effective termite products are those containing insecticides, such as permethrin, bifenthrin, acetamiprid and esfenvalerate, notes the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These and other insecticides can be found in brands, such as Termidor, Alpine Ant and Termite Foam and Spectracide Pest Control Terminate Killing Stakes.

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Permethrin is one of the most common pesticides on the market. It is comes in several forms including powders and stakes. The Spectracide Pest Control Terminate Killing Stakes last up to 1 year when placed around the perimeter of a home. They have built-in pop-up indicators that inform homeowners when the bates have been attacked by termites.

Termidor is an effective pesticide containing fipronil. This is the same insecticide used in Frontline flea and tick treatments for dogs and cats. Used in a higher concentration as a treatment for termites, the United States Department of Agriculture Forestry Service deemed the product safe and effective. It provides long-term results and is used by pest control companies around the U.S.

Alpine Ant & Termite Foam is a dry foam solution containing dinotefuran. Homeowners spray the foam in and around wall voids and it is undetectable by insects. One can produces 20 quarts of foam, and besides killing termites, it also helps with ants, cluster flies, beetles and other insects.

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