What Is an Effective Home Treatment for Wasp Bites?


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Wasp stings can be treated by cleaning with soap and water and placing a cool wash cloth on the wound to prevent swelling, notes WebMD. If widespread redness, itching, pain or swelling develops on the body after the sting, go to a doctor for treatment.

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What Is an Effective Home Treatment for Wasp Bites?
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The most effective treatment for a wasp sting is to remove the stinger and clean off as much of the venom as possible. Use a fingernail or a pair of tweezers to scrap the stinger from the wound, if still present. Don't pull or pinch the stinger, as this can cause more venom to enter the skin, notes WebMD. As soon as possible, wash the wound with clean soap and water to rinse away any excess venom.

Aftercare of the sting should include, applying ice or a cold wash cloth to keep the swelling down, notes Healthline. Those who experience itching from the sting may want to take an antihistamine and those who have pain can take a pain medication, like ibuprofen. This is also an anti-inflammatory drug, so it helps fight swelling and irritation.

Those prone to severe allergic reactions may need to use an Epi-Pen, if they have one, and call 911 to get emergency medical treatment.

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