What Eats Toucans?


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Toucans are predated by jaguars, snakes, coatis (a type of jungle raccoon) and eagles. Their brightly colored appearance helps to camouflage them in the treetops from these predators.

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In turn, toucans eat a variety of fruits (such as genipapo and ambay pumpwood) and, if necessary, some insects and the eggs of other bird species. Of particular note is their consumption of hyacinth macaw eggs, since these are an endangered species.

In addition to camouflaging them from their predators, jaguars, coatis and eagles, toucans are aided in their search for food by their distinctively large bills, which allow them to burrow into otherwise unreachable locations. Toco toucans swallow food by holding it between the end of their beaks and tipping their heads back.

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