What Eats Squid?

The squid's natural predators include birds, fish, sharks and whales. Squid predators vary depending on their habitat. Squid that live near the surface of the water or in warm waters have an increased risk of being eaten, whereas squid that live in icy waters have fewer predators and mainly only have to be wary of sharks and whales. Most capable sea creatures feed on squid.

Squid become especially at risk of being eaten when other food sources becomes scarce. When there's a diverse selection of sea creatures to choose from, squid are less likely to be eaten. Their soft texture makes them an attractive prey as eating them isn't very difficult. Giant squid often make a full meal for sharks and whales, and smaller species of squid are preyed upon by small and mid-sized sea creatures. Squid eggs are also a common target for many sea creatures.

Humans also eat a significant amount of squid. Chinese, Greek, Canadian, English, Japanese, American, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Filipino and Vietnamese cultures all incorporate squid into some dishes. Every year, millions of pounds of squid are consumed by humans. In some areas of the world, squid are a very popular catch for fisheries, and they may be used as bait to catch large fish. Squid has many nutrients and vitamins, and the majority of the creature can be consumed.