What Eats Spider Monkeys?


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Spider monkeys are preyed upon by large cats, such as jaguars and pumas, large snakes and birds. There have only been a few instances where predation of a spider monkey has been directly observed, which suggests that spider monkeys are less susceptible to predation than other species of monkeys.

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There a seven different species of spider monkeys, which are the largest of the New World monkeys. All seven species are classified as threatened, and two species, the black-headed spider monkey and the brown spider monkey, are classified as critically endangered, as of 2014. The biggest threats to spider monkeys are habitat destruction due to agriculture and logging, and hunting by indigenous people for food.

Spider monkeys are social animals and travel in groups of two dozen to three dozen animals. Females give birth to a single monkey at a time every two to five years, and the baby monkey is completely dependant on the mother until it is about 10 weeks old. Typically, spider monkeys consume fruits, nuts, leaves, bird eggs and spiders. Spider monkeys generally remain in the trees to feed since this significantly reduces the threat of predation from large cats, although they are still susceptible to birds, such as the crested eagle.

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