What Eats Snapping Turtles?


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Adult snapping turtles have few natural predators due to their size and aggressive nature. However, there are many animals that eat baby snapping turtles, including raccoons, snakes, largemouth bass, great blue herons, alligators, foxes, skunks, bullfrogs, crows and other large species of turtles.

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As is the case for many other animals, humans are by far the biggest threat to snapping turtles, both through loss of habitat and due to hunting. Some people prize snapping turtles for their shells and also their meat. Turtle soups and stews are popular in many places around the world, so the turtles are often hunted and sold in the black market animal trade.

Hunting and habitat loss has led to a severe decline in the populations of both common and alligator snapping turtles, which are the only two remaining species in the world and are both considered threatened, as of 2014. Due to the decline, many places have made laws protecting snapping turtles.

Alligator snapping turtles are the largest freshwater turtle in North America and have a fairly small range, being primarily located in lakes, rivers and streams in the southwestern U.S. Common snapping turtles are the smaller and more aggressive of the two and can be found in freshwater from southern Canada through South America.

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