What Eats Snakes?

What Eats Snakes?

A surprising number of creatures eat snakes, including other snakes, birds and mammals. Young or small snakes might even be eaten by frogs. Even humans eat snakes, and some consider rattlesnake meat a delicacy.

Among the snakes that specialize in eating other snakes are the king cobra and king snake. The king cobra's diet is so dependent on other snakes that its scientific name is "Ophiphagus," which means "snake eater." It eats both venomous and nonvenomous snakes, and it even eats smaller cobras.

The king snake is found in the eastern part of the United States, mostly in pine forests. Most of its diet is made up of other snakes, such as the venomous copperhead. It kills its prey by constriction.

Among the birds who eat snakes are raptors and secretary birds. The flag of Mexico features an eagle killing a snake, perhaps with the intention of eating it. The secretary bird is a long-legged bird found in Africa, which gets its name from the pen-like feathers on its head. Some African farmers like to keep these birds around because of their skill at killing and eating venomous snakes.

Pigs seem to be especially fond of snakes, and they hunt, trample and eat them.