What Eats Seals?

Creatures that eat seals include killer whales, humans, polar bears and other seals. The Weddell seal, which is found in the Antarctic, is prey for killer whales, also called orcas, and leopard seals. Leopard seals also eat crabeater seals. Leopard seals, in turn, are prey for killer whales.

Polar bears also eat seals. They venture out on ice floes and use them as hunting platforms. Polar bears wait by the seals' breathing holes and grab them when they surface for air. They can also sneak up on seals that are resting on the ice or conduct raids into the dens where female seals have just given birth.

However, the Weddell and leopard seals aren't the prey of the polar bear, which lives in the Arctic. Polar bears hunt the bearded or ringed seal, and a few have been known to bring down the enormous walrus.

Killer whales eat seals of both the northern and southern seas. They hunt in packs and have been seen beaching themselves to attack seals on the shore. If they discover a seal on an ice floe, the pod of whales may make a disturbance that causes a wave to wash over the floe and knock the seal into the water.