What Eats Poison Dart Frogs?


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The only known predator of poison dart frogs is the Leimadophis epinephelus, a fire-bellied snake native to the Amazon rainforests that has developed a natural resistance to the frog's poison. The golden poison dart frog is one of hundreds of species of poison dart frogs, all of which have varying colors and patterns.

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While adult poison dart frogs have almost no predators in the wild, the non-toxic tadpoles are often eaten by other amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates. Poison dart frogs are known for their vibrant colors and striking patterns, including brilliant hues of blue, black, white, red, pale green, orange and yellow. These eye-catching patterns are nature's way of letting potential predators know that this little frog is deadly and should not be eaten. This tactic is called aposematic coloration.

A poison dart frog's poison is found in its skin and is believed to come from arthropods and insects it eats in the wild, which most likely acquire the poison from plants. Not all poison dart frogs are poisonous, and only three are dangerous to humans. The golden poison arrow frog presents the most danger to humans, as it contains the poison batrachotoxin. Some indigenous tribes have been known to use poison dart frogs to acquire poison for their arrows.

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