What Eats Owls?


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The main animals that eat owls include foxes, cats, birds of prey like eagles and sometimes other foraging animals such as raccoons. Owls tend to be at the top of the food chain, and the bigger ones especially tend to have few predators. Other owls sometimes kill owls, but usually over disputes for territory and not as food.

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Adult great horned owls are an example of a species that has few predators due to its large size. Smaller owl species have more predators, and there are more animals that prey on owl eggs and owlets. The main animals that specifically hunt owls are birds of prey like eagles. Most of the time eagles and hawks fight owls over territory, but if the owl species is small enough, or if the owl is a young owlet, eagles have been known to attack them for food. Prowling cats also often attack owls that are on the ground hunting, but this isn’t common because owls usually spend a minimal amount of time on the ground where cats, bobcats, coyotes and other similar animals have the ability to reach them. Owlets that are just learning to fly might fall to the ground. This is the time where animals like cats prey on them.

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