What Eats Lizards?


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Lizards are eaten by birds, mammals, snakes and other lizards. Baby lizards are especially vulnerable to predators of all kinds because they receive no maternal protection. Lizard eggs are eaten by skunks, badgers and snakes.

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Most lizards are attracted to sunlight and open spaces where they can enjoy the warmth, making them a target for birds and other diurnal predators with sharp eyesight. Coyotes, foxes, dogs and cats have all been known to kill and eat lizards. Lizards also tend to be vulnerable to snakes, which can pursue them over ground and up trees. Snakes are willing to attack lizards several times larger than they are.

Lizards have evolved a unique defense mechanism to help them escape predators. They are able to break their own tails off and flee, leaving behind a still moving tail to confuse and distract the predator. Special muscles in the tail constrict once the tail is broken, preventing blood loss. The tail takes three to four months to grow back, but the new tail does not have an identical appearance to the original. Other lizards can change color to camouflage themselves. Some species squirt blood from the eyes to confuse predators, releasing a mild toxin in the process.

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