What Eats Cows?


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According to Texas Natural Wildlife, coyotes are a severe threat to cattle and tend to attack both adult cows and calves when their forage supplies are low, such as during the winter months. Additional predators include black bears, grizzly bears, crows, wolves, dogs and mountain lions.

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Black and grizzly bears typically attack cows by biting their necks and mauling them to death. Bears consume the livers, hearts and carcasses of dead cows, but they also feed on the udders of female cows. Crows, magpies and eagles are capable of killing young calves, and coyotes prey on cows by biting their throats or attacking their sides in order to pull them down to the ground. Wolves charge at cows and bite their hind ligaments, and domestic dogs attack cows by biting their legs, ears and hindquarters. Dogs aren't always successful at killing cows but can cause serious injury.

Mountain lions are known to attack cattle from above; they bite through their skulls and sever their spinal cords leaving the animals defenseless. The lions drag the cows to secluded areas, cover the bodies with litter and proceed to feed on the animal for three to four days. Mountain lions feed on the cow's front quarters and neck but don't consume the animals' stomachs.

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