What Eats Butterflies?


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Lizards, snakes and toads are a few animals that eat butterflies, according to the TheButterflySite. Frogs eat butterflies as well, and monkeys and rats are two animals in the mammal category that consume butterflies. Humans also eat butterflies as a delicacy in Africa, Southeast Asia and Mexico. Butterflies are consumed by predators as eggs, caterpillars and adults.

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The ButterflySite.com also mentions insects such as wasps, ants and parasitic flies as primary predators of butterflies. Beetles are another insect that consume butterflies. Butterflies are widely attacked and eaten by birds, such as sparrows, robins and jays. Birds tend to eat butterflies in caterpillar form, according to LearnAboutButterflies.com.

During warmer climates, butterflies may also fall prey to mantises. Hornets also feed on butterflies during warmer seasons. Dragonflies also eat butterflies, along with crickets. Robber flies also prey on butterflies. Parasitoids in general are predators that feed on early-stage butterflies.

Spiders also eat butterflies, and it is common for crab spiders to wait and attack butterflies when trying to feast on nectar, according to LearnAboutButterflies.com. Butterflies also fall prey to male hunter spiders, an arachnid that lies in wait for unsuspecting insects before attacking and wrapping their prey in silk as a gift to female hunting spiders. Smaller butterflies also tend to get caught in the webs of orb spiders.

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