What Eats Bottlenose Dolphins?

eats-bottlenose-dolphins Credit: Dmitry Miroshnikov/Moment/Getty Images

Bottlenose dolphins are occasionally preyed upon by large sharks and killer whales. They are common members of the family Delphinidae, or oceanic dolphins, and live worldwide in tropical and temperate waters. Two species of bottlenose dolphin exist: the common bottlenose dolphin and the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin.

The bottlenose dolphin features varying shades of gray. Its back is typically dark gray while the underbelly is lighter gray. This camouflage, called countershading, allows the dolphin to appear less visible depending on the observer's viewpoint. Bottlenose dolphins can reach over 13 feet in length and can weigh more than 1,400 pounds. Their diet consists largely of fish, crustaceans and cephalopods.