What Eats Birds?

While birds have many predators, the most common predators of birds are other birds. Other consumers of birds include mammals like large cats, snakes, insects and plants.

Snakes are not nearly fast enough to catch birds; however, they do have a tendency to attack nests and the eggs inside. While insects are often the target of a bird's prey, they can also be a predator of birds. Insects like praying mantises and Goliath bird-eating tarantulas are deadly to birds. Certain species of plants can kill birds as well, including pitcher plants. Birds are enticed to this plant because of its sweet nectar and become trapped within the plant wall, where the plant later digests them.

Other predators of birds include fish, seals and frogs. Sharks are a species of fish that are known bird predators, but other destructive fish include the African tigerfish. This fish can leap out of water to capture swallows and swifts. While seals are not indigenous to many areas on the planet, they do kill species of penguins and other Arctic birds in colder regions. Lastly, a large-mouthed frog has a mouth big enough to swallow many birds whole, although its systems cannot digest bird feathers.